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CRUSO's logo, vegan raw food delivery in Athens

Our Philosophy

We believe in the value of a whole foods    plant-based     nutrition. Our aim is to offer you healthy as well as delicious meals exclusively derived from   plant-based ingredients that have undergone the least treatment possible. So our kitchen prepares daily for you in collaboration with our health coach fresh plant-based or raw meals of high nutritional value,  which  we deliver to your home or office! 


Our goal is to offer you healthy and delicious meals prepared with fresh whole plant based ingredients


We make every effort to use organic and premium quality ingredients for you 


We believe in the value of a diet based on plant raw ingredients that have undergone the least possible treatment


With respect to the environment we use packaging from 100% recyclable materials

The Crudo's Team

Diana    and Marco love the pure healthy diet that enhances body and spirit! We believe in pure whole plant based    diet as the basis of our health but also because it promotes the peaceful coexistence of all the world's creatures and peace among people! That's why we offer you with love and respect fresh and enjoyable dishes that reach your door every day to really feed you and not just to fill you!

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